Name That Painting, Continued

Hello again! Time for your thinking caps! Can you help me once more with naming some of my paintings? Anything you suggest could help me think of a name, even if I don't use the precise name you suggest. All of these started life as fluid acrylic pour paintings; some of them I have digitally... Continue Reading →

Name That Painting!

Help me with naming some of my paintings... All of these started life as fluid acrylic pour paintings, which I then photographed and digitally embellished.

Looky At My New Graphics Setup

Yes, I now have - for me - a dream setup. An actual display graphics tablet! I've never had one of these before. Yeah, I looked at them a while back, because I could never get the hang of a non-display graphics tablet; I just couldn't get the hand-eye coordination going when I couldn't look... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Knitting

The absolute minimum you need in order to start knitting. Part of a series. I think most people know what knitting is, but, hey, I'm going to describe it anyway. Knitting is a craft where you use a pair of knitting needles to turn yarn into cloth items such as scarves, beanies, mittens, socks, sweaters... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Crochet

The absolute minimum supplies and tools you need to start playing with crochet. First of a series. Crochet is a craft where you use a tool called a "crochet hook" to turn yarn into cloth items such as scarves, bags, dishcloths etc. Crocheted cloth is best suited for items which you do not want to... Continue Reading →

Viva la Crochet!

I can't remember whether I ever posted this (elsewhere) or not. But I thought it would be fun to share this little ditty I wrote a while back about why I LOVE crochet. 😎 Some crafts have come and gone Other crafts have stayed But now at last, I've found a craft That puts them... Continue Reading →

Articraft is Not a Word

I'm going to be talking about both art and craft in this blog, and I wish there was a word that meant art-and-craft, because that's really what I'm going to be talking about: physical things that we create which are beautiful. Some would say "but crafts are functional and art is not", but I'm fairly... Continue Reading →

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